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Workplace Wellbeing Survey



As part of a company desire to improve our management of work-related stress, we wish to gather your views on what it is like to work for Example Company. To do so, we plan to use this survey tool that has been developed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Senior management and trade unions consider your views to be important and fully endorse this survey. The survey tool is anonymous and the results will be analysed for groups of people. It will not be possible for individuals to be identified.

What next?

Surveys must be returned by 30/9/17. Feedback will be provided by the end of October through team meeting / TU reps.

Instructions for use

The survey tool gives a number of statements. Please respond by putting a mark in the appropriate box. When responding, please think specifically about your workplace.

At Example Company your health and wellbeing is our first priority. Please take a few moments to take part in this survey. The results will help us make Example Company a better place to work.

Jayne Example

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